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“Dear Colleagues,

We will be holding one of our regular seminar events at the Novotel London City South on the 19 November 2016, 10.30 for 11:00.

There will two seminars in the morning, followed by a buffet lunch with networking opportunities and a third seminar in the afternoon:

“Voice & Stress Management for Interpreters”

Optimising and protecting your voice – one of your most precious assets

The outline programme for the day will be:

  • “Breathing for Performance – Stress Management for Interpreters” with Gabriela Bocanete

Gabriela’s experiential workshop will teach some powerful yoga techniques, which, if practised regularly, can improve the condition and function of the practitioner’s internal organs. Tailored specifically for interpreters, the workshop offers up-to-date insights into anatomy, physiology and bio-tensegrity to illustrate the processes that take place in the body during practice.

  • “Max Your Voice – find out more about your voice quality and how to exploit it” with Frances Parkes

This session will focus on how voice and speech are produced in the body, how it is amplified and the most efficient way to project it. Frances will also teach us to use our voice in an unforced, dynamic way and introduce techniques such as the basic Grotowski voice exercises. She will also lead exercises specifically created for interpreters.  

  • Buffet lunch and networking with colleagues
  • “Improving the way you sound in English – the four aspects of accent reduction” with Joseph Hudson

This will be a fun hands-on taster session looking at the four key aspects of accent reduction, with particular focus on sounds and intonation of neutral British English, including vowel sounds, consonant sounds, stress and tone. Joseph will explore some key rules and exceptions and everyone will learn to say “yes” but mean “no”.

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The Interpreting Division Management Committee very much looks forward to meeting you in the near future.”

Interpreting Division Team – CIOL

Diana Singureanu, MCIL, BA, MA, RPSI, ITI Career Affiliate

InterpNet Support, Member of the Interpreting Division Committee